Here I am, crying because I’m fed up with everything. Still highly convinced that the only enemies we have are humanbeings. Those selfish motherfuckers fucked up the world and I’m ashamed that I’m one of them. On one side I wanna give every single one of them the chance to prove their worth. On the other hand I don’t think they deserve the chances anymore. I’m fed up with it and so confused. I hate people but I need them. And I think they think the same about me. It’s making me paranoïd. I can not trust anybody but still I need to because you can’t take care of others without someone taking care of you. This is what bothers me the most lately.

Begin of a new thing

Hi there,

I wanna start a blog and I was thinking about several things like: travel, fashion, nature. But why look that far? I’m a teenage girl with loods of unsolved question’s every single day. I’m fed up with it. This is gonna be my way of sharing my thoughts, experience and question’s. I hope some people will comment their way of thinking about a subject because I wanne get my life back on track.

Thanks for reading and I hope I’ll speak to you soon!